How Do I Remove Old Spray Tan?

1. Chlorine from swimming pools or hot tubs will fade most of the tan. Go for a swim.

2. Steam rooms and saunas will soften the skin before you shower so hit up the gym or a spa and steam it up!

3. Take a hot bath with some epsom salts. Soak for at least 30 minutes. Then use a loofah with some DOVE SOAP (Dove's Moisterizers are so strong they strip DHA from the skin )

4. Hydrate with some coconut oil or shea butter.

5. To remove tan from palms of hands and fingers use some Windex followed by a good hand washing. Do not put Windex anywhere else on the body.

6. You can also use a Mr Clean magic eraser to remove tan from hands. Get the eraser slightly wet, wring out excess water. Then use it to buff the excess tan away. This works well for knuckles and elbows that get too dark.



Is DHA Safe?

Yes, DHA is derived from sugarcane, the products we use are all natural. I can provide nose filters if you are concerned with breathing in the solution. I also instruct my clients to hold their breath and close their eyes for 5 seconds while I am spraying the face.





Will it Leave a Mess?

NO WAY!! I use a turbo HVLP Airbrushing Gun & Pop Up Tent so the solution goes on your SKIN...NOT up in the Air and all over the Room aaaand Because I use a turbo HPLV machine and Pop Up Tent, it does not produce the overspray that is seen in spray booths. The current media attention is focused on spray booths which do not have good ventilation and have a lot of overspray. Gleaux On The Geaux's Airbrush Tan's are applied by a experienced tanning technician, in a open air environment and all solution stays within the tent.



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